If you're ever in China and have a strange craving for an Oreo cookie, you're going to be out of luck. According to the Wall Street Journal, back in 2005 Kraft Foods revamped its iconic cookie there, replacing it with four thin crispy wafers, a layer of vanilla cream, thin layers of chocolate cream, and a coating of chocolate. The Chinese weren't keen on eating the traditional biscuit-style cookies, so Kraft — after testing 20 prototypes on consumers — changed the cookie to appeal to the masses.

Before the cookie transformation, Kraft Foods tried to reach out to consumers by creating a brand ambassador program that equipped university students with free Oreos and bicycles clad in wheel covers that looked like Oreos. However these marketing schemes didn't work, and the change became necessary. Now, with the new wafer version, China's Oreo sales have doubled in the last two years.

All of this is totally fascinating to me. It's interesting to see what brands have to do in order to appeal to foreign consumers. I understand adding new flavors and names. But does changing the product completely actually count? Isn't it, at that point, a completely new product? What do you think? Is it still an Oreo even if it doesn't look like a real one?


Here's more true story about it which I've got from a chain e-mail..


Whenever eating biscuit that got sugar/cream in the middle, we must be extra carefully


When opened and Maggot inside....

前天在床上看書 聽到房間一陣騷動
Whenever eat everything, better check it first, last Two-Day XD was reading book on bed, suddenly she heard noisy in the room

在她要咬下去的那瞬間 看了一下

Her roommate just bought OREO biscuit with chocolate taste from 7-11, before she bite it, she saw something strange in the middle cream, got many small holes with white color , she thought it’s impossible that OREO got new product with new taste? Is it the sugar? But how come it’s looked like this?


Then she took the pack


It’s correct, chocolate taste, not white chocolate and there’s no fruit added in it.

有過期嗎? 離過期還很遠

Expired? Still long time


The pack still very good

說發揮一下實驗精神 該不會只有外面怪怪的其實內在是完美的??!!
Is it possible, the look is awful but actually the taste is yummy?


Finally she opened the biscuit (Sorry for my trembling hand)

滿滿的白色圓形顆粒 有些還像已經破殼的蛋就像蟲卵!!....
這實在太噁心了~~~還好室友眼睛亮,咬了一口才發現還得了( ′-`)y-
Full of white small holes, look like the spoiled eggs as maggot’s nest, so disgusting.. ..luckily my friend’s eyesight is sharp, how if she has bite it?

then we investigate via internet

and we found it

天啊 ~~原來在1月時就有受害者怎麼都過了半年多我們還會拿到同樣的產品??
OMG....actually there’s victim on January, and after passing ½ year, we still find same product?

後來強者我室友 硬著頭皮拿著兩片疑似佈滿蟲卵的歐reo加原始包裝
在深夜時刻拿到7-11 可是正要跟店員申訴時
Later, at midnight my friend bring 2 biscuit along with its pack return to the 7-11 shop

But the white spots have disappear, it’s been dissolved into the cream

趕緊再拆包裝裡新的歐reo 一打開~~滿滿都是啊!!!
Quickly, my friend opened the pack and took out another 1 biscuit again, opened and there’s full of that disgusting thing

還好店員退了錢 但也不知什麼時候才會下架(大夜班的似乎比較忙吼)
Luckily the shop staff was willing to give the money back, but don’t know when the goods will be wiped out from their rack (maybe the staff who in charge in the midnight shift are busier)

He gave us the reason is: the goods are import product, probably there’s problem during the process of shipment

OMG, one of the giant companies with the huge advertisement, why such problem can happens?

How is the OREO production company? Last ½ year the same problem has happened. There’s no reason for them to not improving the quality of their products?

For all friend who like to consume OREO biscuit, before bite it, hope to open your eyes widely to see beforehand.


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