Beware of sushi!

This is a true story in Japan.

An old man, Shota Fujiwara who had complained his headache, is a Sushi and Sahimi
die hard fans. This hobby is started when he was young like the other Japanese.
But in his age now, he had a great headache for these three years lately, which is very dirturbing for his works, and life.
And also makes his head bigger and bigger.
He had lost his psychomotoric ability from three years ago. For that, he went to hospital and had a CT-scan and X-ray to know the reason.
It was surprisingly for the doctor who's in handle, Shota got a tiny things under his head skin, but still outside of the skeleton.

The doctor did a local anesthetics, then cut his head skin and he found the basic reason.
There he found a worm nest. Horrible. So he decided a total operation to clean Shota's head from those worms....or maggots,
so the infection can be cured.

So, watch out eating Sushi and Sashimi! (uncooked fish, octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp,etc)
The worms got in Shota's head was came from the parasite that you'll got in fish's body aswell,
seafood or fresh water. The worms and the eggs are only can be killed by heat, cooked, or by freezing them
about -10°C until -20°C for at least one week.


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