The Invincible Jacket?

 Stem Cell made a big change to health. Just a few years ago, the big scientists in the world sure if there isn't a material that can't make human invincible. That was something impossible because it's something against the realm law that human knows. But they were all wrong.

Meta-material becomes a material that everybody talks about. This material can makes people invincible. An outfit that is using this kind of material can makes the person that is using it "disappear", yes, it's pretty much like Harry Potter's cloak.

A fighter jet can be made invincible with this meta-material. Not only stealth in radar, but literary invincible like the cloaking device in Star Trek.

This is made by creating an artificial material that can refracts electromagnetic radiation, the same thing goes to lights which has the electromagnetic radiation as the basic. The substance are usually tin and plastic in some quantify pattern.
Meta-material will refract lights, surrounds the object and converge at the end. It's much more like a river that surrounds a stone. In the last research at Perdue University, they're using some needles that refract the light over the object so it'll reflect the object behind it.

This material is being research around the world, such as in MIT, University of California Berkeley, Duke University, dan Caltech di LA.

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